He must increase, I must decrease

December 30, 2013

The testimony of John the Baptizer is quite simply one that reflects our mind in true prayer and worship. The contemplation of the things of God drives us toward this space where we are accepted by God because of our Lord Jesus, the Christ, and we are kept in our faith by communion through God the Holy Spirit, by the will of God the Father. Thanks be to God.

In this way of His increase-our decrease, we muddle through this life by walking by the Spirit just as we live by the Spirit. If I am the focus of my spiritual life, then I am not walking by faith but rather in the shadowlands as it were… on the perimeter of disdain about His call that I offer myself a living sacrifice which is my spiritual worship. Let us look not to circumstance or experience to guide us, such are the means for spiritual heathen.

We are born of God, inheritors in the family of God, His royal priesthood and his holy nation. So let us look to Christ Jesus, with all desire and comfort as we drink our coffee, ride the bus, rub elbows with our fellow worldlings. This is walking in His steps.

If my worship is about what I get out of it, then I haven’t worshiped God. So, if not God, who then did I just offer worship, submission, and fealty to?

Reflections: How often do the words “I-me-my-mine” come up in our practice of worship? How often do those words appear in the model of prayer Jesus gave to his disciples? Do I practice a version of Christianized self-actualization?


One Response to “He must increase, I must decrease”

  1. “Shadowlands”, yes. Blessings on your Christmas holiday.

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